Leadership Roanoke Valley

About Leadership Roanoke Valley

Leadership Roanoke Valley (LRV) was established in 1983 to encourage community leadership in the region. The interactive 10 month program helps participants better understand issues facing the Roanoke region. Creative ideas and approaches help build leadership skills and show participants how to make a difference in business and the community.

Participants attend a two-day retreat, explore diverse leadership styles, and assist the community with a service project. Monthly programs are created, organized, funded, and facilitated by participants under the guidance of curriculum counselors. Programs address topics related to education, environmental, economic development, and regionalism.

About Leadership Forward

Leadership Forward is the alumni association for Leadership Roanoke Valley (LRV). With a mission to continue the engagement of alumni beyond their year in LRV, and support their integration into positions of leadership in the region, it is a great way for LRV graduates to stay involved.

LRV graduates have already demonstrated their commitment to professional development and the region by their participation in LRV.

Leadership Forward provides the next step. Networking and professional development continues through LF's scheduled programs and annual leadership conference. Leadership Forward can help facilitate alumni's involvement in leadership positions in the region as volunteers, board or committee members, or participant in short-term projects to benefit local not-for-profits.